New Work Up

Hello Readers,

Since it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, I figured I would include all the news in one post.

I have new poems up at Superstition Review, Cleaver Magazine, Baldhip (another here), deLuge, Profane (print, but includes audio), Four Ties Review, Dirty Chai, and Gravel Magazine. There’s also poems in Stoneboat, and Poetry City USA, which are print journals and available for purchase.

The links above will take you where you should go.





Exquisite Duet with M. Cooper

Hello Readers,

I have a Exquisite Duet up with M. Cooper. Here is a quick description of the project:

Exquisite Duet (formerly Exquisite Quartet) is not so much a composition between two writers, but rather something created within the murky midlands of each author’s mind, yet set off by the same first sentence. Meg Tuite chooses two writers each month and gives them a first sentence to start with and a 250-word limit to finish an exquisitely mesmerizing story or poem. These duet-dueling writers will craft two completely different cosmos that have rotated, pitched, and blasted from the depths of their cerebral cortex to the twitching nerve endings of their digits onto dueling keyboards and separate screens until their sublime duet is prepared to see the light of an audience.

You can find it here! I hope you enjoy it.



Machinist in the Snow Release

Dear Readers,

I’m excited to announce that my second book of poetry, Machinist in the Snow, is now available for purchase from ELJ Publications. This book is a surrealist, narrative long poem that follows a machinist’s self-exile into a broken, desperate natural world. He discovers that something is broken, and he wanders through this landscape trying to fix it, to restart the natural engine.

It is a mix of experimental and eco-focused poetry that delves into insanity, memory, and loss. For more information, you can find blurbs and a sample here.

Additionally, you can find poems from this manuscript published at Thrush Poetry Journal here. 


Larry Eby

A wide array of good news:


I tend to always want to open these blog posts with something like “It’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of these.” As life seems to speed up, I tend to lose track of the whole “management” side to poetry. It’s time to clean house, update this web page with news, maybe some thoughts this time, and move on to all the other abandoned projects.

First set of good news:

My MFA thesis, Machinist in the Snow, was picked up for publication! ELJ Publications has it slated to release in August 2015. I am extremely excited since I wasn’t sure this book would get picked up. It’s highly experimental (at least for me), so I was a little worried it would never see its way into the world. ELJ Publications is a press out of New York and they are also publishing a collaboration from two very good friends of mine, Cindy Rinne and Michael Cooper. There is more information here. Also, there are a few excerpts from the book published in Thrush, Beecher’s(print) and Circle Poetry Journal. There is also an excerpt forthcoming from The Screaming Sheep.

If you are interested in reading the essay defense of this project, it is available for download through Scholarworks.


Secondly, a poem of mine called “Call Home” was published this morning in Poecology, a really great eco-focused journal. I highly suggest checking out the work there and sending your work in as well. Click here!


One more update: Orange Monkey Publishing will soon be releasing Bigfoot for Women by Amy Pickworth, winner of the 2013 Orange Monkey Prize. This book is phenomenal. It’s quick, filled with deep emotion, and extremely innovative. I don’t think there is a book of its kind. It’s extremely unique and I highly suggest (although I admit there is some bias) purchasing it. You can pre-order it here.


I think that just about covers it. Now on to the next thing!